Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Smart little girl

Charlotte is only 22 months old, but she is already showing signs of being a very smart and very organized little girl, just like her Mommy and Daddy.  Although... not sure we were quite like this at her age.  She is such a little sponge!  The lining up of her toys on the couches just started, partially I think as a way to keep brother from getting them, but it was still an odd sight to see.  And its not the only time she's done it. 

Yesterday, I caught her playing with her beaded necklaces.  She looked up at me and said "Twiangles Mommy!"  I was so proud and made such a big deal that she now does it again and again and yells "Did it!" and runs around the room when she does it.  :)

Between that and already singing her ABC's (just not liking to have it on video), what else will there be left for this little girl to learn when she actually gets to preschool age?!