Monday, February 22, 2010

Still sick

Well, it seems that I was horribly mistaken that Charlotte's temperature last week was due to her tooth coming in.  We are now on day FIVE of her having a fever of at least 100*.  Not that anyone likes to be sick, but this is absolutely miserable for her (and us consequently.)  It's probably the worst head/sinus cold I've ever seen.  Mostly just a very runny nose, but I've never heard of a temperature for that many days.  She is screaming, usually "tissue!" about every 30 seconds, not eating or sleeping much at all, and very intolerant of any attention given to brother or anything other than her.  Let me say that again... DAY FIVE.  This is rough!  And to top it off, Beckett got the fever last night.  Here we go again!  At least he's a less dramatic sick child, just needs to be snuggled a lot, still not sleeping or eating well though.  Hopefully they will both be over this soon and Mommy & Daddy don't get it too.  Well, my "break" is over... need to get back to the sick kiddos who are now awake.