Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Day of Firsts

So yesterday was apparently a day of "firsts" at the Woods house. 

#1:  Charlotte had her first entire day of dry pants, including waking up in the morning with dry pants and staying dry after naptime.  Mommy was blown away to say the least and so unbelievably proud! 

#2:  Beckett made his first actual moves at crawling.  Of course, I couldn't catch it on camera though.  Until today he's been doing mostly an army crawl type thing - like this.

#3:  Beckett had his first attempts at eating toast and drinking out of a sippy cup.  The water in the cup seemed to be a disappointment once he figured it out, but he couldn't get enough of the toast, as seen by the mess on his face and the desire to eat two pieces.

#4:  No cute pictures, but it was also Kevin's first time seeing freezing fog.  If you've ever seen it before, you know it is a crazy sight, but absolutely beautiful!

#5:  It was also the first time Mommy and Charlotte "made" cookies together. Ok, so we cheated with the pop in the oven out of the package Valentine's cookies, but Charlotte sure felt like we made cookies together.  And let me tell you it was quite tragic for her actually having to put them in the oven and bake them.  She just wanted to eat the cookies, not have to "work" for them.  :)