Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charlotte's big girl room... part one

Well, it seems like it wasn't very long ago at all that we were turning Charlotte's room into a nursery and now its being transformed into a "big girl room."  We were planning on switching both kids to bigger beds around Christmastime.  That would make Beckett about the same age as Charlotte was when we moved her to a toddler bed.  But after a great discount on a twin mattress set, we figured now was just as good a time as any to go ahead and get it and make the switch for Charlotte.  She really does like it, a little adjustment to it of course, just because its something new.  But she really seems to enjoy the fact that she can fit a lot more "friends" on her bed with her.  Here are some pictures of her new bed with her "friends" on it and of her room rearranged.  It's a work in progress, with more accessories and we're thinking probably a new paint job, but we're making the move to big girl status...  I guess that's what you are when you are about to have two younger siblings...  Beckett's room we won't change over til a couple more months from now at least.  He likes to stand on beds, or anything for that matter, so it may be longer than we expect.  haha!