Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Anybody still out there?  Well, once again, I am feeling like summer and life is just making the time fly. I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post. So here are a few updates from the Woods' house to catch you up...

*Kevin was gone for two weeks at a work training. And yes, I just about lost my mind! We are finally starting to get back to a routine and Charlotte just this week is ok now when he walks out of the house (or even out of the room) - she wasn't for over a week after he came back!  She sure loves her Daddy!

*Beckett is taking more and more steps all the time. I think he's about up to 10 or so at a time.  He's just in no hurry to be walking everywhere. His first step was at 9 months and now he's 11 months and still mostly crawling. I cannot believe his birthday is less than a month away!

*Charlotte is quite the girly girl these days. She will only wear dresses (even skirts make her very, VERY upset.) She actually pulls off any other clothes that we manage to get on her if it is not a "pretty dress." She also is seen all day wearing bracelets, necklaces, purses, "pretty shoes", and whatever other accessory she can find at the time. I actually noticed today after her nap that she had managed to get out of her bed during naptime, put on some bracelets, and get back into bed to sleep. She's also been getting a bit of a "sassy" attitude to go with it, so we're "working" on that one. :)  Actually, after a very rough couple weeks of serious attitude, she has been unbelievably pleasant the past couple days.  She is only two, after all, and just learning what is acceptable and what is not.

*And I have been busy trying just to keep up with stuff around the house. Somehow it seems like during the summer, any free time is spent out and about so things just pile up here. And the days nothing is going on, its just playing catch-up all day. Oh well, such is the life of a SAHM - which I love! (yes, even on the exhausting days!) I've also been the coupon crazy lady and have been saving our family tons of money and getting so much for free or cheap. I'm actually saving 60% off my groceries! Woo hoo! It really is a thrill, though, seeing that total go down at the register and even better feeling like I am getting the most I can for my money and helping provide for my family. If you want more info on how to save so much with coupons, feel free to ask, I love sharing any tips I can.  Or you can also click on the links on the right hand column - those are some of my favorite money-saving blog sites.

Hope your summer is going well! Thanks for stopping by to see what's going on in our little world.