Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kids checkups

We took the kids in this week for their 9 month and 2 year checkups.  Both are doing very well.  We are so blessed to have such healthy children!

Beckett had a minor ear infection, so minor that if we hadn't mentioned he had been a bit fussy lately, the doctor wouldn't have even prescribed medicine for him.  It is his first ear infection and we are pretty sure he's got a few teeth on their way in so that may be affecting his ears too?  Here's the funny part of his checkup...  He is 20lbs 2.5oz (which by the way is already bigger than Charlotte was at a year old) and the doctor suggested we start adding butter to his foods to help him gain weight!  Seriously?  He is a chubby little guy!  Really, I do understand her concern though.  He was in the 75th percentile for his weight and now he's only in the 50th, so mostly its just to make sure he doesn't start losing too much weight, but we're not too concerned about it.  He is our little guy that only eats bananas and crackers though (seriously, that's it!) so we were open to suggestions of other foods to try and will continue to add other things to his tray of food to hopefully get him to eat something, anything else.  By the way, if you are reading this and can think of any suggestions, please comment and send them my way!  I feel like we've tried everything!

Charlotte is still our little growing giant.  She continues to be tall and skinny - what a curse!  :)  She's almost off the charts for her height - above the 97th percentile for the first time even!  And finally up to almost the 50th percentile for her weight.  Good thing she's smart - people always mistake her for a 3 year old.  :)

My babies are growing up!  On a sidenote, it's a tad crazy trying to take both kids in for a checkup at the same time.  Luckily, Kevin was able to come with us and help out.  And Beckett didn't need any shots this time, so that helped control the chaos too.  Oh, and Charlotte is now officially done with the crazy first 2 years of doctor visits - she won't have to go back in for a checkup til next year and no more shots til Kindergarten for her! Woo hoo!