Thursday, March 4, 2010

I pledge allegiance...

This really needs to be prefaced with our bedtime routine.  Every night, Daddy gets Charlotte ready for bed, then we all read a couple stories together as a family, then Mommy leaves to feed Beckett and get him ready for bed while Daddy sings Charlotte a song.  Usually its ABCs or something like that, but about a month or so ago, she requested "America."  We still have no idea what initiated this request, but Daddy was happy to oblige, although he had no idea what song she was talking about.  So, he tried every song he knew with America in it until finally, for some reason, he just decided to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  And that was it!  Charlotte decided that was one of her new favorites for bedtime from then on.  Odd, isn't it?!  Not that we wanted to discourage it, but it was just so strange, we really haven't mentioned it much unless she asks for it.  And that tends to be a lot more than you'd imagine.  Quite our patriotic little girl, I guess. 

And that leads us to this morning.  Mommy was playing with Beckett and Charlotte in Charlotte's room this morning when out of nowhere, Charlotte says:

"One nation.  Under God.  Visible wif tiberty.  Just for all."

I thought I was going to die.  It was a bit shocking, but way too cute!  Things really do stick with that little girl!  I probably say it all the time, but she is such a little sponge.  Mommy and Daddy's challenge is definitely going to be finding things to challenge her little mind.  So smart!