Friday, April 23, 2010

Beckett signing "all done"

Ok, so some fussing and extra arm flailing in here too, because he was seriously all done, but here it is.  And before you suggest that he's just flapping his arms, know that he does not do this whatsoever when he's eating until he's been eating a long time and I ask him if he's all done.  Early in his mealtime, if I ask him the same thing, he doesn't do this.  I thought I was crazy the first time that he responded this way and was just making it up in my head, but this is definitely him communicating "all done" with us.  After all, baby signing is just a way for babies to communicate before they can speak, so he's getting his point across none the less...

Oh, and as a reference from an online signing dictionary (, here is what "all done" is supposed to be:
Gesture: Shake open palms in front of body several times.